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Marketing research and analysis of Russian markets since 1995.

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About us

INFORMAS Research Company was established in May 1995. Our business area is marketing research. By the beginning of the year 2023, we have carried out more than 500 research assignments in various regions of Russia, among our clients are more than 160 companies.

We study both consumer and industrial products markets. Most of our work falls within the following research areas:
 - Demand and supply analysis
 - Customer behavior study
 - Customer profile and market segmentation
 - Analysis of loyalty and reasons for customers outflow
 - Brand perception research
 - Brand positioning concept test
 - Promotional materials test
 - Evaluation of advertising campaign efficiency

Our 28-year experience gives us an opportunity to use wide range of research tools. It includes different types of surveys, various methods of qualitative research (in-depth and dyadic interviews, focus groups etc.); we pay much attention to organization of online surveys and interviews. The existing cooperation with public and non-public organizations that specialize in provision of statistical and industry data plays a crucial role in our work. We are continually updating our database of experts that could be involved into assessment of situations in all kinds of markets.

Nowadays INFORMAS Research Company has a team of 80 specialists in various regions of Russia. Our experience and capabilities help us to carry out research assignments of any complexity both on local (regional) markets and across the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

We would be happy to answer all your questions! Please contact us: 



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620027, Russia,
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